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    "I was pleasantly surprised. In paintball, you just hold the gun, but in archery, you really use it" – A guest at the bar
    "The experience was so awesome, that we perform here an event once a month. We enjoy the game and then we rest and drink at the bar" - Luke Beran, FunActions
    "Thank you for organizing teambuilding once more. It was good and the team was a very happy." - Jan Jelinek, Avast
    "It is not just about shooting, but also about tactics. If you shoot bad, then your enemy with precise aim will shoot you accurately. But in the meantime he can be taken off by your teammates who are waiting for him. They simply need to keep a cool head and a good shot." - Steanly, EnjoyTeam"
    "We are very looking forward to photos (especially clients who pretended they do not want to take picture :-D)" - Jovbaková, SAS Institute
    "This way, thanks for the arrangement of our team building. I think the action is successful and colleagues have also been satisfied. Also, thank you for the pictures, that was great." - Cheerful, ADP

About us:

First Archery Game in CZ (CR). Funny, adrenaline game with bows and arrows with flat head.

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Adress: Bělehradská 13, Praha 4 - Nusle
Tram.: Otakarova, Náměstí Bratří synků.
Entrance is throught the gate at Belehradska street.
GPS: 50°3'56.504"N, 14°26'15.706